Adding a call


To add an item directly to the Call Log:

  1. Go to Call Log on the navigation bar.

  2. When the log appears, click the Create New plus-icon.jpg button.

  3. Choose an Existing Contact from the drop-down list.
    Any relevant information on the contact record, such as phone number, is inserted automatically.

  4. If the number is not the one you need, change it now.

  5. Enter an Action or select one from the drop-down list.

  6. The Date and Time default to today’s date and the current time. To change it, click the calendar date-button.jpg button or enter it yourself.

  7. Select or enter other information, as needed.

  8. When you are finished:
    Click the plus sign plus-icon.jpg again to enter another call.
    - or -

    Click Done.

Identifying the user

The default name in the User field is the person who is logged in to the Talentproplus system. However, if you need to assign this call to someone else, you can select their name from the drop-down list.

Phone number formats

If you enter only part of a phone number, the Call Log displays whatever you entered in red to remind you that it’s incomplete.

Enter the phone number in any format you like, using dashes, dots, parentheses, or no separators at all. The system automatically converts your entry to this pattern: (xxx) xxx-xxxx



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