Adding actors to a submission

When you submit an actor on a project, the system checks their Booking reports for any matching or nearly matching project name.  For example, if the project is an episode of CSI, and the actor appeared on CSI sometime last year, the Booking entry is displayed under Bookings for:, including the job type, casting director, and date of the activity.  A Bookings entry will also appear if the actor was in CSI Miami or CSI New York.

This feature helps keep you from submitting the actor to the same show again.

To add actors to a submission:

  1. Click Projects on the navigation menu and go to the project record.

  2. On the Roles list, click a role to highlight it.
    To add a new role, see Adding roles to the project.

  3. On the Submissions list, click the plus sign plus-icon.jpg to open a Submission Detail dialog box.
    The role name is inserted for you automatically.

  4. Click in the Name field and select an actor from the drop-down list

  5. Note:   Only your active clients appear in the list. That is, the Active box in their contact record must be checked or you will not see them at all.

  6. Enter any additional information about this actor in Notes to CD.  These will be included in the submission letter.
    Optionally, you can enter any Feedback you may have had on this actor. Feedback will not be included on the submission.

  7. For Client Order enter a number to indicate where you want them to appear in the submission.
    : If you are submitting three clients for the role of "Pablo”, assign each actor a number: 1, 2, 3. The names will appear in the numerical order you assign. Otherwise they will be listed in the order shown under Submissions for Pablo.

  8. Check the Include in Sub. checkbox to make sure the actor is included in the submission letter.

  9. When you’re finished, click Done.


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