Adding roles to the project

When you create a project for your own use, you generally want to add one or more roles to it as well.


 To do this:

  1. Create or find the project record.

  2. Open the Roles/Submissions tab.

  3. On the Roles list, click the plus sign plus-icon.jpg to open the Role Detail dialog box.

  4. Provide a name for the role and any other information that may be useful.

  5. If ethnicity is unimportant, click Select All to check all the options at once, or leave them all blank.

  6. When you’re finished, click Done.

Each role appears in the list as it is added. Roles also appear automatically on the Auditions tab, so you can schedule auditions.

See Adding actors to a submission

Role Order

The Roles/Submissions tab provides a tool for setting the order in which the roles and actors are presented in the submission letter. The default order is the one in which they are entered. The first role or actor in the list is number 1, the next is 2, and so on.

However, you can change this order to present your clients in the order that seems best to you.  You can set the number when creating or editing the Role or Submission, or in the Role Order or Client Order field on the list view.

  • Role Order determines the order in which the roles are presented on the letter.

  • Client Order shows the order the clients are named within the role.


To edit a role:

  • Click the Edit  button next to the role name. Make any changes and click Done.


To view the character description without opening the role:

  • Hover the mouse pointer over any of the names to see the Description you entered for that character.


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