Creating a Project

In-house projects

Many of the projects listed in Talentproplus are downloaded from Breakdown Express. However,  there will be occasions when you will want to add projects that are not yet in, or not available, from Breakdown Express.

To do this, you need to create a project:

  1. Click the Create New Project button AddNew in the sidebar.
    A blank project form appears.

  2. Give the project a title.

  3. Fill in as much information as you have or find useful.

  4. Select a Casting Director from the drop-down list.

Note:    The list in this field is arranged alphabetically by last name. Start typing and select the right one when it appears, or type the first letter of the last name and scroll through the list.

If the Casting Director is not in the system, click the plus sign  next to the field and fill in the form. This both creates a contact record and adds the new CD to the project.

Roles & Submissions

Use this tab to  add roles and submissions as you work on the project.

Breakdown Express

To synch your in-house projects with Breakdown Express, see Synchronizing Breakdowns.


 Adding roles to the project

 Finding a project

 Submitting on a project

 Talking to the casting director

 Synchronizing Breakdowns