Getting Started


To start Talentproplus, click the Talentproplus icon on your computer desktop.

When the program opens, select any of the items in the navigation bar on the left side of the window.

Contacts (default)

Organize names, addresses and both contact and personal information. Get all the information about a client. Link associated people with each other, such as actors with managers or husbands with wives.


Organize projects and auditions with all available details. Download them from Breakdown Express or enter them yourself


Entering booking information, automatically update client quotes and avails. Track payments, commissions, rates, conflicts, contract terms, shooting dates, and more.

Call Log

Create, view, and print or e-mail a detailed list of calls, sorted by date and time or any other column you choose. Your calls can be associated with Contacts, Projects, Casting Directors, etc.


Add or edit details about the companies listed in your Talentproplus database. Associate your Contacts with the companies they work for, and see all other employees as a list of Co-workers.


Generate reports, information sheets, labels, a To Do list, and more.


Customize Talentproplus for yourself and your team.