Printing the Call Log


The Call Log lets you print, save, or e-mail any user's current call sheet, including notes.

To print a call sheet:

  1. Click Call Log on the navigation menu.

  2. Arrange the list in any order you like.

  3. In the User field, select the user whose list you want to print

  4. Click the Print List... button at the bottom of the page.
    A Preview page shows you the first page of your log.

  5. Use the pop-up menu to Print, save as PDF, or E-mail the list to any device.


When the Print dialog box opens, make any necessary selections and click OK.

Save as PDF

When you select PDF, a Save Records As PDF dialog box appears. Select a location for the file, and click Save. You can then attach this file to an e-mail, print it out, or simply keep it for your records.


When you click the E-mail button, your default program opens a new e-mail form with the Call Log displayed as the body of the message. Now you can send it to your mobile device, complete with phone numbers and notes.


If you change your mind, click Cancel. This closes both the menu and the preview, and returns to the Call Log.



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