Sending a submission letter








When you have finished entering your selections for the roles in a project, it’s time to put together the submission letter.

  1. Add any names to the CC Text for Submission Letter field, if appropriate.
    Separate names by pressing Enter after each one.

  2. If you need to change the letter template, click Submission Letter.  

  3. When everything is the way you want it, click Send Letter.
    The letter appears showing each role with the choices you made.

    The Output menu floating in the corner provides output options.

  4. To send the letter to your printer, click Print.
    - or -

    To save as a PDF that you can attach to an e-mail, click PDF.
    - or -

    To send the letter in the body of an e-mail, click E-mail.

  5. Follow your usual procedures for sending or attaching a document.

Reviewing submissions

All the letters you send that are related to this project are listed on the Letters tab. To review the letter you sent with any submission:

  1. Open the project you’re interested in.

  2. Open the Letters tab.
    All associated letters are displayed in the Letters list.

  3. Click any letter in the list on the left to see it displayed on the right. Click the displayed letter to scroll through the contents.

Note:    This list does not tell you whether the letter was actually sent or not.

Letter templates

Your default letter templates are available on the Settings menu in the navigation bar.



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