Setting up auditions

In Projects, you can use the Auditions tab to log meetings and auditions, and communication with your clients. To add an audition:

  1. Open the project and go to the Auditions tab.

  2. Select a role.

  3. On the Auditions For side, click the plus sign plus-icon.jpg button.
    The Audition Detail dialog box appears.

  4. In the Name field, enter or select the client’s name from the drop-down list.

 Note:   Only your active clients appear in the list. That is, the Active box in their contact record must be checked or you will not see them at all.

  1. Enter or select a Date from the calendar, and enter the scheduled Time.

  2. Leave the Letter Sent field blank. After the letter has been sent, the system fills this in for you.

  3. Click the Audition letter button (see Default Letter Settings)

  4. When everything is the way you want it, click Send Audition Letter.
    The first letter is displayed. You can use the VCR controls to review each one separately, if desired.
    The Output menu floating in the corner provides output options.

  5. To send the letter to your printer, click Print.
    - or -

    To save as a PDF that you can attach to an e-mail, click PDF.
    - or -

    To send the letter in the body of an e-mail, click E-mail.

  6. Follow your usual procedures for sending or attaching a document.



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