Synchronizing Breakdowns


You generally find your projects in the Breakdown listings on Breakdown Express. To download those breakdowns into Talentproplus projects:

  • Go to Projects and click the Get Breakdowns button.

This fetches all the breakdowns you have submitted on since the last download, including the submission information and any other details.

You can also set Preferences in Breakdown Express to do this automatically at selected intervals.


Often, however, you create a project in Talentproplus before a casting director publishes a breakdown for it. When that happens, you need to download the published version without over-writing the one you created in-house.


  1. Go to Projects and click the Synch Breakdowns button.

    For each download, the system displays parallel columns showing details from the new breakdown (on the left) and from your in-house project (on the right).

  2. Select the arrow next to an item to move it from left (new) to right (in-house). Don't click the arrow for any item you want to remain the same.




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