Using booking letters


In the Reports menu, the Booking option generates a list of all the renegotiation letters that have not been sent for contracts that are due to expire in three months from the date you set in Bookings .

If there are none, Talentproplus offers the option to review all renegotiation letters in your database, including those you have already sent.

For each letter, the report displays the Client name, Project name, Renegotiation date and when the letter was sent, as well as the ad agency and their e-mail address.

NOTE:   To find renegotiation letters within a range of dates, go to the Contact category and select the Important Dates report. Select Renegotiation Date as the Date Type.

Prepare to send

  1. Select the checkbox next to the letters you want to send.

  2. Click Send All Checked.

  3. To print the letters for mailing, click Print.
    - or -

    To save as a PDF that you can attach to an e-mail, click PDF.
    - or -
    To send the letter in the body of an e-mail, click E-mail.


Edit the template

If you need to adjust the standard letter for any reason:

  1. Select the record from the list

  2. Click Edit Letter to open the template in the Letters function. Drag and drop fields or change the text, as appropriate.

  3. When you’re finished with the template, click Reports and select Booking again, to return to the Letters list.

  4. Follow the steps under Prepare to Send.


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