Using the Call Log


The Call Log lets you assemble the calls and connections you have to make, and make notes on those you receive.

It also tracks e-mails and faxes, both received and sent. You can access the list from your computer, print it out to take with you, or e-mail it to your iPhone or Blackberry.

You can add a new call or activity from several places:


You can also:


Your Call Log is bound to be long and can get unwieldy. Sorting options make it easier to find a particular call when you need to.

Click on any column heading to sort the list by that category. For example, you can click:


Sort the list in alphabetical order by contacts’ last names.


Arrange the list in priority order. (To find just  the Priority 1 calls, for example, use Search.)


Quickly find entries that belong to each person who uses the  list.


Group the list by specific actions (calls, e-mails, etc.)



Fast Find lets you search by name, company or keyword. The Keyword Search searches the Notes fields for any text you enter.

For a more detailed search:

  1. Click the Search FindRecord.jpg button.

  2. In the Call/Action Search dialog box, enter any details you need, and click Find.

  3. If there are no results, you can Cancel or click Try Again to return to the dialog box.


To find all Call Log entries made by John Smith, select that name from the User list, and click Find. Only John Smith’s entries will be displayed.



 Adding a call  

 Adding a new contact from the Call Log

 Printing the Call Log