Using the list view


Whether you are searching for contacts, projects, or anything else, the search may generate a fairly long result. After a search, the message under the VCR controls shows you how many records were found.


  • Click the List View list-view button to see the all the records in a found group at the same time.

  • To search within the list, click the Find FindRecord button.

  • To open a project, click the click-arrow arrow.

Sorting the list


To sort any list by a particular category:

  1. Click the appropriate column heading.
    For example, in the Call Log, click the Company column heading to sort the entries in alphabetical order by company name.

  2. Hold down the Shift key and click Company again to sort the list in reverse alphabetical order.

To return the list to the original order, click the Date column heading.

When you’re finished with the list, click Done.

List Letters

When results appear, The List View also provides a Letters shortcut.

The Contacts in a found group, List View, include a Letters button letter-template next to each Contact name. Click this button to open a Letter template that you can customize and send specifically to this contact.

To send a letter to the whole group, use the Send Letters button at the bottom of the page.



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 Creating letters