Welcome to Talentproplus

What is Talentproplus

Talentproplus is a standalone program that resides on your Mac or PC and communicates with your Breakdown Express account. 

Who uses it?

Talent agents and managers, along with their assistants.

What does it do?

It lets you organize your contacts, projects, phone calls, booking reports, payments, client availabilities and schedules with one tool. It simplifies and automates the daily routines of running your talent representative business.

What do I need before I start?

You need a Talentproplus site license for everyone  in your office who uses it. They each need FileMakerPro to be installed on their computer, as well.

In order to use Talentproplus effectively, you also need a subscription to Breakdown Express and an Internet connection, so the program can download your projects and scheduled auditions.


If you can access your computer remotely, you can access Talentproplus from anywhere.

While there isn’t a Blackberry or iPhone version of Talentproplus at present, you can e-mail your Call Log to either device, then highlight and call any number that way.

What about Breakdown Express?

When you are looking at a project in Breakdown Express, you have the option of clicking Save to Talentproplus.

You can also create projects in Talentproplus, and later synch them with projects from Breakdown Express.




 Getting Started