Contact tools and reports


In Reports, the Contacts group provides these features.

Client Information Sheet

Collects details, including the size card information, from a contact record so that it can be printed and mail or e-mailed as an attachment.

  1. Open the client’s record in the Contact Manager.

  2. In the navigation menu click Reports and select Contact from the Select Report Category list.

  3. Click Client Information Sheet.

  4. Print or save to PDF.

Contact cards

Prints names, titles, numbers and addresses for each of the contacts (6 per page) in a found group. Print or save to PDF.

Address Labels

Use this to print address labels for everyone in the selected group of contacts. Print or save to PDF.

Shipping labels

This feature not only lets you print shipping labels, but allows you to choose which label on the sheet you want to print. This keeps you from having to waste partial sheets of labels.

  1. Create a group using the Find Contacts button. (Your group may contain as few as one name.)

  2. Click the label position for the first page of labels. Other pages will begin at the top and fill all the available spaces.

  3. Print or save to PDF.


Lets you print an envelope for everyone in the selected group of contacts. If you do not identify a group for this mailing, envelopes will be generated for every contact in your database.

Use the VCR controls to click through each of the envelopes to verify names and complete addresses. Print or save to PDF.

Fax cover sheets

Generates a fax cover sheet for the Contact currently select in the Contact Manager.

  1. Enter the total number of pages in the fax (including the cover sheet). Check any relevant checkboxes, and add any notes.

  2. When you’re finished, click Continue.

  3. Print or save to PDF.

To Do wizard

This wizard finds an item in your Call Log and adds it to a To Do list.

Important Date report

Generates a report showing all Contract and Renegotiation dates for all clients or a group of clients for a specified period.





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